Price Guide

Jadeite Price Guide for Oregon Stone Design, LLC

Prices for Varied Jadeite:

Finished Cabochons (Loose Stones) Priced by Color, Carat, Weight and Level or Translucency or Transparency.

BLJ0544 – Black Absolute (opaque)

This stone shines to a patient leather finish. We have nodules and cobbles.

Translucent Transparent
$5.00 per CT $25.00 per CT

WJ0556 – White Glacial

A cool white with bluish overtones.

Translucent Transparent
$15.00 per CT $25.00 per CT

WJ0977 – White Glacial

White Glacial shown in this picture reveals the transparency and consistency of a loose stone.

It sometimes is a mix with other colors. We have slabs with no cracks or cleavages. Blocks are available as well as cobbles.

$10.00 per CT

BM1065 – Blue Mist

Cabochons and one block are available

$25.00 per CT

BMJ0982b – Blue Mist

Aqua blue transparent 2.5 lbs, six cabochons pictured on a block of blue mist shows the water like quality of this aqua blue.

$25.00 per CT

GSBO1041 – Large stone Blue Olmec (deep blue green)

20 lb block with cap and loose stone , Blue mist block 2.5lb with 5 blue mist stones all lose of about 20-30 cts., Nodule of Glacial white 2.5 lbs. All tested and ready to carve.

GS1043 – Seafoam

10 lb block ($2.50 per ct) pictured with three seafoam cabochons ($5.00 per ct) in this picture with Blue Mist contrasted above shows the light blue green pastel of the Seafoam. This color is available cobbles of 4-5 lbs and we have only 4 blocks up to this size.

GS0618 – Full range of Jadeite colors and banded specimens in testing

Many of these colors are unique in that they occur only a few places worldwide. If interested please email.

Translucent Transparent
$15.00 per CT $25.00 per CT

GS1056 – Rogue Royal Fern

this is clear Williamsite emerald green 8 lose stones ranging from 20-30 cts ($100 per ct.) We have only about 300 cts of this Antigorite which is of highest transparent quality with no inclusion. This stone can be faceted.

GS1057 – Emerald Green Transparent Williamsite with Black included patterns

Antigorite that ranges in green intensity, much like omphacite jadeite. Jewelry stone primarily available in cabochon, slabs and blocks up to 25 lbs.

$15.00 per CT

GS1085 – Green Cat Pattern

Williamsite opaque we have this available rough the more transparent this ranges higher in value. Excellent carving stone that takes a nice polish. This is available in milled cabochons ($15.00 per ct.), slabs ($7.50 per ct.) and blocks up to 25 lbs (starting at $10.00 per pound).

Stones that have been milled into slabs, cobbles and blocks with flat faces:

Milled Jadeite ½ price from the finished loose stone category listed above.

Large usable Jadeite Blocks available (21 pounds or more) will be sold at the loose stone schedule.

Price Guide for 2 Dimensional Art:

Painted Prints:  Large $350.00 Small $150.00

Murals: “ Infinity Simple” $10,000.00

               “ PreEvil”   $5,000.00

                “Other Side of Zero”  $3000.00

Price Guide for Stone Carvings:

“Metaphysical Arrowheads” $1000.00

“Inception”  $500.00

“Knight” $400.00

“Embryo forms” $300.00

“Buffalo”  $150.00

“ Flowerhead”  $150.00

“Triangle”  $100.00

“Organic Form”  $ 600.00

“Bird Forms”  $200.00