About Us

Oregonstonedesign.com is owned by Oregon Stone Design, LLC and operated by Robert Lortscher, MFA artist and manager for the benefit of providing fine quality Oregon stone for artists, jewelers, and craftsperson’s creating unique arts and products.

Oregon Stone Design, LLC donates one dollar for each $10.00 spent on jadeite faerie’ wings sold through Elizabeth’s Mysterious Art to the benefit of Autism services for families in Oregon.

Robert Lortscher produces his products at his home studio located at 33574 Ophir Rd Gold Beach, OR 97444. Email inquiries to lortscherr@gmail.com mail address P.O. Box 340 Gold Beach, OR 97444.

JADEITE DISCOVERY by Robert Lortscher, MFA

There has been no significant Jadeite discovered in the Western Hemisphere in the last 100 years. Therefore, availability of this material for art is limited to Oriental supplies which are dwindling.

Oregon Stone Design, LLC has located a deposit of Blue and White Jadeite forming on the southwest coastline of Oregon and specific to Curry County. This Jadeite has tested positive and four samples including three shades of blue and one white can be seen in this website along with test findings from Excalibur Mineral Corporation of Virginia.

Oregon Stone Design, LLC registered as a business in Oregon on 4/19/19, and was founded and financed by Robert & Elaine Lortscher and Lance Lortscher. The company produces, markets, and sells various Oregon stone and gemstones as well as the Arts created by Robert Lortscher.

Robert has made his discoveries through empathetic vision and prospecting adventures involving visual perception and the ability to see and relate to the changes within the Oregon Coastal Regions. His ability to sympathize with information with pattern and design of natural order that forms a field of vision. There is a distinct possibility there is a connection between the specimens gathered and Mayan Jadeite carvings of Central America. The early tools found in the area suggest that there may have been jade trade between Native People of the Northwest and Central America.

Oregon Stone Design, LLC continues to test and prove the varieties of stone found and believes a full range of colors as well as banded Jadeite samples will make this discovery comparable to Oriental materials. In samples, the stones exist in a highly liquid state both transparency and translucency with bright colors and intensity without inclusions in the consistent textures.

Daughter, Elizabeth Lortscher, Artist and Owner of Elizabeth’s Mysterious Art discovered Antigorite of carving quality along the Rogue River when seeking local stone to produce her garden art pieces. Robert also located a beautiful green Antigorite of gem quality with no inclusions that some call Williamsite.

Responsibly Harvested and Fully Guaranteed

Legally collected Jadeite, quartz, antigorite, and agates, jaspers and a fine grade of nephrite called actinolite have been gathered under the local guidelines and in small quantities so as not to disrupt our beautiful coastal region. Oregon Stone Design, LLC has reached out to local and state authorities to encourage the economic development of these materials to the benefit of the Oregon Tourist Industry.

Sunstone and Opal Carvings seen on this website were collected and harvested in visits to Eastern Oregon over the last 20 years as well as Obsidian products collected in 2018.

Our tested materials are fully guaranteed with a 30 day refund policy based on the date of receipt. Once the material unharmed is returned with the reason for rejection we will reimburse your cash or credit purchase no questions asked.

Oregon Stone Design, LLC is in full compliance with all environmental regulations and best practices. Our wish is to benefit all interested in protecting and advancing the use of natural resources in the Arts and in Educational purposes.